Essay: Analysis of Stephen King essay

Basic information
The author is Stephen King and the titel are: Stephen King: why the US must introduce limited gun controls and it is from 2013

Topic and type of text
‘ It is a on the guardians website
‘ It is an essay
‘ Stephen king is writing about one of his novel about a boy that commits a school shooting. He wrote the novel in his junior and senior years in high school. The story was about a troubled boy named Charlie Decker with a domineering father, a load of adolescent angst and a fixation on Ted Jones, the school’s most popular boy. Charlie takes a gun to school, kills his algebra teacher and holds his class hostage. The in real life there is a boy that actually copied the school shooting and after that Stephen King want to remove his novel. Then Stephen are coming with some point on why the US must introduce limited gun controls
‘ The writer is Stephen King
‘ Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21th , 1947. He is an American author. He has three children: Naomi, Joe and Owen King
Reader / Target group / Receiver
‘ It is a text to every American that own a gun and to every body who has read his novel Getting It On
‘ It is mostly an essay aiming towards men
‘ Stephen king really want to convince every man who owns a gun and the state in general that there should be limited gun controls
What are the characteristics of the text’? The tone is both serious and tragic
‘ The style is very simple
‘ He is referring to the Sandy Hook elementary school
‘ One of his arguments is: semi-automatic weapons have only two purposes. One is so that owners can take them to the shooting range once in awhile, yell yeehaw and get all horny at the rapid fire and the burning vapour spurting from the end of the barrel. Their other use ‘ their only other use ‘ is to kill people. The argument is very strong
‘ The text is pretty easy to understand and is very driect
‘ I find the arguments very reliable because they why hi is writing them makes you think ok this has to be true
‘ I was very convinced, because Stephen uses those strong arguments
Etos: Ten years later, after the first half-dozen of my books had become bestsellers, I revisited Getting It On, rewrote it, and submitted it to my paperback publisher under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. It was published as Rage, sold a few thousand copies and disappeared from view. Or so I thought.
Pathos: In February 1996, a boy named Barry Loukaitis walked into his algebra class in Washington, with a .22-caliber revolver and a high-powered hunting rifle. He used the rifle to kill instructor Leona Caires and two students. Then, waving the pistol in the air, he declared, “This sure beats algebra, doesn’t it?” The quote is from Rage.
Logos: In video gaming, shooters still top the lists, but Super Mario Brothers and Pok??mon enjoy perennial success, and when it comes to Wii, the 2012 bestseller was a pop-music sweetie called Just Dance 4. The assertion that Americans love violence and bathe in it daily is a self-serving lie.

‘ Most of the school shooting that has happened in America
‘ He write this essay because he wrote a novel about a boy that commits a school shooting many years ago. Stephen probably fells a bit responsible for some of the school shooting that has happened I America.

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